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“Zombie subdivisions,” abandoned in downturn, plague Colorado counties Denver Post 5 hours ago Written by Tom McGhee “Zombie subdivisions” – some platted but vacant land, others partially built and then abandoned – plague parts of the Intermountain West, siphoning valuable resources from struggling local governments, dragging down property values and causing blight. Confronting “Zombie Subdivisions,” Blight of the […]


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Zombies, a Focus for Your Next Scholarly Paper? MedPage Today  – ‎5 hours ago‎ The zombie has apparently become the metaphor that won’t die. You will likely recall the CDC’s helpful guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse, and you may have heard about zombie doctors. But if not, you have no doubt watched episodes of the Walking … Dave Barry’s Review of 2013, […]


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NPR (blog) See realtime coverage Zoinks! Tracing The History Of ‘Zombie‘ From Haiti To The CDC NPR (blog)  – ‎17 hours ago‎ “Who doesn’t like zombies?” That was the subject line of an email blast that landed in my inbox recently from a major online retailer as it announced it was “bringing their Black Friday deals back […]


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Watch: Zombie Politics and Casino Capitalism Huffington Post  – ‎3 hours ago‎ This week on Moyers & Company, author and scholar Henry Giroux explains how our political system has turned people into zombies — “people who are basically so caught up with surviving that they become like the walking dead — they lose their sense of … See realtime coverage Related:Bill […]


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Scientific American (blog) Save Yourself From The ZombieApocalypse By Turning Your Home Into A Biolab Scientific American (blog)  – ‎22 hours ago‎ Do you use a gun, a sword, a series of elaborate traps involving wild animals, or something else to defeat thezombie horde at your door? Harborough Mail Zombies 101? Monmouth U. joins colleges offering courses on the […]