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Latest Zombie News March 9 2014 BLABBERMOUTH.NET ROB ZOMBIE: ‘The Zombie Horror Picture Show’ DVD, Blu-Ray Release Date … BLABBERMOUTH.NET  – ‎Mar 7, 2014‎ Rob Zombie will release a new concert DVD and Blu-ray, titled “The Zombie Horror Picture Show”, on May 20. See realtime coverage » Wall Street Journal Zombie Studies Gain Ground on College Campuses Wall Street Journal Mar 3, 2014 Written by Erica […]

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Latest Zombie News March 2014


10 ways the zombie apocalypse can help your company prepare for SXSW VentureBeat  – ‎3 hours ago‎ March 2, 2014 1:30 PM Jennifer L. Jacobson. 0. Jennifer L. Jacobson is the founder of Jacobson Communication. When it comes to preparing for South by Southwest, there’s a lot that attending companies can learn from the zombie apocalypse. The Best Places to […]


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‘The Walking Dead’: Will We Find Out What Caused The ZombiePlague?  – ‎16 hours ago‎ Is Eugene Going To Stop The Zombies? As we find out mid-way through the episode, Abraham and Rosita are taking Eugene to Washington because he’s, “a scientist, and he knows exactly what caused this mess. Walking Dead reveals the cure for the zombie-pocalypse […]


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A Zombie Plague, But It’s Covered By Your Health Plan NPR  – ‎Feb 13, 2014‎ Manuel Carballo’s The Returned – not to be confused with the French miniseries that aired in the U.S. last year – serves in some ways as an unofficial sequel to World War Z. If the latter repurposed the zombiemovie as medical thriller, looking at … […]


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TV’s First Lesbian Zombie Kiss!? E! Online (blog) 8 hours ago Written by Chris Harnick The talk show host welcomed the cast of The Walking Dead—it’s a little show on AMC about the zombie apocalypse, you might have heard of it? In Depth:‘The Walking Dead’ returns: What to expect nextCNN See realtime coverage » Rob Cesternino Has a Website (blog) […]