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Latest Zombie News March 2014

By awesomewebstore, 2014/03/03

VentureBeat  – ‎3 hours ago‎
March 2, 2014 1:30 PM Jennifer L. Jacobson. 0. Jennifer L. Jacobson is the founder of Jacobson Communication. When it comes to preparing for South by Southwest, there’s a lot that attending companies can learn from the zombie apocalypse.
Motley Fool  – ‎Feb 28, 2014‎
Earlier this month, a former Harvard professor announced to the world that he was pulling $1 million from Bank of America for fear of a run on the bank and a total collapse of the global finance system.
The Verge
Mar 1, 2014
Written by

Sean Hollister

Zombies hit upon a similarly addictive formula for 2D puzzle games: each time you successfully fend off the waves of zombies trying to reach your house – by placing, say, piranha plants and exploding chili peppers in their path – you unlock new …
Polygon  – ‎Feb 28, 2014‎
The upcoming second expansion for Undead Labs’ zombie survival sandbox title State of Decay will explore the zombie apocalypse from a military perspective, according to a recent post on the studio’s blog. Lifeline will set players in the shoes of …
Joystiq  – ‎Feb 28, 2014‎
Rebellion notes that Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army and its sequel Nazi ZombieArmy 2 collectively sold more than 500,000 units worldwide over the last year.
Indie Wire (blog)  – ‎Mar 1, 2014‎
On Aug. 8th and 9th, 1969, America was rocked out of the summer of love when the followers of Charles Manson, across two days, committed a series of gruesome, shocking murders (which included the killing of Roman Polanski’s wife Sharon Tate).
New York Daily News  – ‎Mar 1, 2014‎
The zombie walked. Kerry Kennedy, the 54-year-old daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, was found not guilty Friday of drugged-driving by a Westchester County jury.
Business Insider
9 hours ago
Written by

Dylan Love

Scientific supply company Optics Planet sells a survival kit for the zombie apocalypse. It’s called the ZERO Kit (which stands for Zombie Extermination, Research, and Operations, of course) and if you want one, it’ll set you back $24,000 – it contains …
ABC News  – ‎Feb 28, 2014‎
Dear ABC News Fixer: I had two phone lines with T-Mobile on separate contracts – one for me and one for my mother. Last year in February, I called them to cancel my phone line since my contract was up.
International Business Times AU  – ‎Feb 25, 2014‎
Indian prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj predicted an upcoming fatal disease starting in Asia which no cure is expected to stop. But is it possible that the predicted disease can cause zombie infestation? Here are scientific ways that zombie-causing …
Entertainment Weekly  – ‎Feb 26, 2014‎
Have you ever officiated at a zombie wedding? Of course you haven’t. But do you know who has? Bruce Campbell! The Evil Dead star and all-round horror icon recalls his lead role at some deliberately nightmarish nuptials in a new film, Doc of the Dead.
NPR  – ‎Feb 13, 2014‎
Manuel Carballo’s The Returned – not to be confused with the French miniseries that aired in the U.S. last year – serves in some ways as an unofficial sequel to World War Z. If the latter repurposed the zombie movie as medical thriller, looking at …
Polygon  – ‎Feb 28, 2014‎
Dead Island: Epidemic, the zombie-infested multiplayer online battle arena game, is now in closed beta, publisher Deep Silver announced today.
MTV.com  – ‎Feb 24, 2014‎
Is Eugene Going To Stop The Zombies? As we find out mid-way through the episode, Abraham and Rosita are taking Eugene to Washington because he’s, “a scientist, and he knows exactly what caused this mess.
Feb 25, 2014
Written by

David Hinkle

Deadman’s Cross, which launched earlier this month, is a first-person shooter with card-based RPG elements set in the year 2030.

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